Equal Opportunities

When it comes to recruitment, Cultivate is committed to being Aotearoa's leader in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our Commitments

Equal Opportunity Charter
Living Wage
Māori and Pasifika
Equal Opportunities Charter

We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance, every individual brings unique perspectives, experiences, and strengths, and that Aotearoa workplaces should be representative of our community.


We recognise the value that cognitive diversity brings to organisations. We understand that typical recruitment processes don’t suit neurodivergent candidates and aim to provide reasonable accommodations so our process is physiologically safe, and allows their strengths to shine.


We're committed to adhering to the New Zealand Living Wage. We believe that everyone should be able to earn a fair wage that allows them to live with dignity and support themselves and their whānau.


We’re honoured to embrace the unique potential within Aotearoa's Māori and Pasifika communities, and we're deeply committed to a kaupapa that appreciates and respects cultural differences in everything we do.

We’re not perfect, and will make mistakes, so we'd encourage feedback from anyone to learn and improve. You can contact us here, or learn more about our privacy policy here.


We’re proud to be Aotearoa’s first Brain Badge accredited recruitment services provider. This means  our approach is guided and certified by an organisation that’s purpose is to help organisations better understand & support their neurodivergent employees.  

Everyone is unique, and has different needs. If you have the experience and skills to be considered for a role through Cultivate then we'd encourage you to share how we can be accommodating to those needs through our selection process. We all win if your strengths are able to shine. This could include:

  • How we best communicate with you
  • Virtual interviews
  • Providing the interview agenda in advance
  • Seeking clarity on our questions
  • Greater preparation for hiring manager interviews
  • Or something else.

While we can't control our customer's own assessment process we can, with your agreement, promote your suitability and strengths, while advocating for accommodations in their interview process.

As a temporary employee or independent contractor engaged by Cultivate, we want you to succeed and thrive in every assignment.  Let us know before you start if there is anything we can advocate for with our client. This could include:

  • Onboarding support
  • Flexibility of hours and location
  • Communication preferences
  • Desk set-up
  • Sensory allowances
  • Other workplace allowances
  • Or something else.
Living Wage

We believe that all employees should be able to earn a fair wage that allows them to live with dignity, and support themselves and their families.

We're committed to ensuring that all temporary employees engaged by Cultivate are at the very least paid the current Living Wage, as set by Living Wage New Zealand. We also only work with suppliers who are prepared make this same commitment.

Māori and Pasifika

We’re honoured and excited to start our journey and kaupapa in nurturing the aspirations of our Māori and Pasifika talent.  We are committed to promoting our team’s understanding of a culturally appropriate approach that aligns with Aotearoa’s modern workplace.

With half of our shareholders proudly of Māori and Pasifika heritage, our mahi is to celebrate diversity and explore ways to support Māori and Pasifika talent in roles where there is under-representation.  Having a diverse workforce brings countless benefits and more representative of our community.

Our youth of today represent our future for tomorrow, so we’re passionate about supporting our rangatahi and broader working population of Aotearoa to realise the wide range of opportunities available and unlock meaningful careers.

We’re early in our mahi so welcome feedback and ideas on how we can best serve Māori and Pasifika talent.

Curated content

We've put together a collection of content and organisations that continue to inspire and inform us in our diversity, equity and inclusion journey.

Interview Accessibility for Autistic Candidates

Interviews are tough for all of us, but even more so for the neurodivergent. Here is an eye opening list of dos and don’ts for autistic-friendly interviews.

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DivergenThinking works with New Zealand businesses to enable individuals and teams to understand, respect and embrace everybody’s differences, so they can bring out the best in both the individual and the entire team.

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The Innovative Powers of Dyslexia

AI can aggregate, but Dyslexic thinkers can innovate! Watch this short video to see what we mean.

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Autism and Interviews

Watch this short video to understand how some candidates will experience your interview

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Neurodiversity Manifesto

Join us in signing the Neurodiversity Manifesto, a movement towards a society that recognises the value of neurocognitive differences. Joining unlocks some great resources to start your own journey.

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The Advantages of ADHD at Work

A simple infographic listing the advantages of ADHD traits at work,and what support is required to leverage them.

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Neurodiversity at Work

A comprehensive collection of articles about supporting neurodiversity in the workplace

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